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CODE                       DESCRIPTION QTY/CTN  
NEO 1902/420 3 Way Stop Cock Sterile (Blue) 50's  
NEO 1919/420 3 Way Stop Cock Sterile (White) 50's  
NEO 1922/419 3 Way Stp Cock (Red) 50's  
Polymed 3 way Stop Cock Blue 50's  
Germany Injection / Heparin Stopper 400's  
1082801 Haemometer Acc.To Sahli Complete In A Case    
NAZ 07 Sputum Cup 60ml 600's  
NAZ 08 Sterile Cotton Swab Individually Packing 500's  
NAZ 14 Oinment box 15gm 144's  
NAZ 15 Pap Smear Kit 1 Set  
Korea 21 Blood Lancet bx of 200's  
China22 Pen device 1pc  
China23 Sterile Safety lancet 21 G 1bx/100's  
China24 Nasal Oxygen cannula tube adult/Infant pc  
1080402 Diamond Writer, Appearance Like A pen , in Etui    
1080832 Micropipettes / Ringcaps, Non - Heparinized, Marks At 20ul 1 bx  
  Bott of 250's    
Isolab2 Micro hemotocrit Capillary tube 75mm heparinized 1 bx  
  Bott of 100's    
Isolab3 Micro hemotocrit Capillary tube 75mm  1 bx  
  Bott of 100's    
Medilife First aid Bandage Elastic Cloth 7.2cm*1.9cm 1bx/100's  
Medilife Alcohol  Swab 1bx/200's  
Medilife Cotton tipped applicator non-sterile 6" bag/100's  
NAZ23 Cotton Swab individually packing sterile bx/500's  
ML5101A Medium concentration oxygen mask Adult/Paed 1ea  
ML5106 Guedal Airway various sz 1ea  
Medilife HQ Absorbent gauze 36x100yds 1 roll  
Medilife Pre-Cut Gauze Sz:7.5x7.5x8/16/24/32 Ply any Mesh Count pack of 100's  
Medilife Cotton Ball 0.2 g pack of 100's  
Polymed Mucus Extractor Sz:8Ch & 10CH 1 ea  
Rep 00365 Hand Suction Pump(Res Q Vac) Refpromed,USA