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  Heamodialysis Machine
M200661 Fresenius Haemodialysis Machine 4008S (with OCM)
  • TrueVolumetric control with balancing chamber technology
  • Battery operation in case of power failures
  • Arterial blood pump
  • Air bubble detector 22mm
  • The Flexibility of the system allows the user to take advantage from all therapeutical and technical options
  • Diasafe :Assures ultrapure dialysis fluid as it has high retention properties  for microbial contaminants
  • Na/UF Profiling:counteract actively against intra and Post-dialytic complications
  • Each model can be upgraded by modular combination of options for specific treatment modalities
  • Online Cleareance Monitor (OCM) latest additional feature
    > Immediate,accurate and effective clearance information
    > Real-Time monitoring of treatment quality
    > Intra-dialytic adjustment of therapy
    > Non-Invasive procedure,no blood sample,no laboratory
    > No additional operating costs
  • Bi Bag device (Standard)
  • Diasafe Retrofit Kit With 1 diasafe plus filter per machine
  • 1 can of 5litres Citrosteril (Machine auto disinfectant & decalcifying for 3months) per machine
1 unit Fresenius, Germany

Supporting  messages:

  1. Bibag-an on-line dry bicarbonate concentrate,reduces the risk of microbial dialysate contamination in bicarbonate dialysis

  2. Diasafe Filter-minimising the passage of microbial substances and assures ultrapure dialysis fluid

  3. The use of Fresenius Volumetric Haemodialysis Machines & Dialysers (Low Flux F6HPS/ F8HPS or High Flux F60S/ HF80S)
    offers a high quality dialysis treatment for patients.

  4. The Fresenius Haemodialysis Machine is able to perform plasma exchange.
    > Achieving BioAdequacy is the common goal which all dialysis centres should strive for. 
       Fresenius Medical Care has expertise to provide an enhanced and adequate patient care in the most biocompatible way.
       This will determine the well-being of the patient during dialysis itself BUT also influence significantly the patient's medical
        condition AND quality of life.