Thermal Roll, ECG, Electrod, & Crepe Paper

0008543 R ECG Paper 50x30 card delta 1 kenz R 50-30R Italy
0008574 R ECG Paper 50x30 N.K RQS 50-3/Fukuda/Lifepack Italy
7955 Z - Fold 142mmx150mmx300sh Italy
8924 Sony UPP 110HD Original Italy
8925 Sony UPP 110S Original Italy
8930 Sony UPP 110HD Alternative "Extra Quality" Italy
  Video Printer Sony UP 895 Italy
8121 Marquette 9402-020 z-Fold 215x280x300 sheets Italy
8093 HP.M 1709A Z-Fold 210x300x200 sheets Italy
  Roll for ECG Fukuda 63x30m Italy
  Roll for ECG Fukuda 145x30cm Italy
  Z-Fold EEG 345x300x1000 sheets Italy
7955 CTG Sonicaid Z-Fold Italy
11792 CTG Paper HP M 1912A Italy
10017 Clamp Electrodes For Adult-AG-AGCL Italy
10020 Clamp Electrodes For Children - AG-AGCL Italy
10020 Clamp Electrodes - Nikel Children Italy
10030 Suction Chest Electrodes AG-AGCL 24 Italy
11334 Kenz/Card,Delta Size : 183x260x200 Z-Fold Italy
7980 HP 9270-0484/5 Z-Fold 151mm x 100m x 150sh Italy
7970 Nihon Kohden FQS 150-2.7.90 Z-Fold 150mmx90mmx300Sh Italy
11378 Disposable Electrodes Solid Gel-Foam 50-Type SD 50 Italy
  For Normal Monitoring  
  Disposable Electrodes Liquid Gel Foam Base 32x45 Unique Italy
  Plastic Cover For 3pcs Fre Model  
11312 Disposable electrodes For Stress Test-Liquid Gel Foam Italy
  Diam 50 Types FS 50  
11322 Disposable Electrodes - MOD FS 501 Foam Base-Solid Gel-Oval Italy
  34x45-For Stress Test  
  Disposable Electrodes Gel Peadiateric-Stress Italy
  Disposable Electrodes Oroginal Arbo/Kendall MOD.H 92 LZ Italy
  Foam-Oval 34x48 Solid Gel  
  Disposable Electrodes Original Arbo/Kendall-MOD H 91S- Italy
  Foam Base-Oval 34x43 Solid Gel-For Stress Test  
  Nihon Kohden Z-Fold for ECG 345 x 300 x 1000 sheets Italy
  Marquette 9402-020 Z-Fold 215 x 280 x 300 sheets Italy
  a) 8121 - in paper of 76  
  b) 12426 - in paper of 82  
7981 Corometric 4305 AAO/4305 CAO Z-Fold 152 x 90 x 160sheets Italy
7982 Corometric 4305 BAO / 4305 DAO Z-Fold 152 x 90 x 160sheets Italy
450-008 Crepe Paper Green 75 cm X 75cm - 250pcs Portugal
450-011 Crepe Paper Green 100cm X 100cm - 250pcs Portugal
450-014 Crepe Paper Green 120cm X 120cm- 100pcs Portugal